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Merlin are experts in the design, manufacture and supply of systems and products that generate, store, convert, distribute and monitor electrical energy in virtually any type of mobile or static application.

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Availability of power is directly proportional to vehicle reliability and safety...

Specialist vehicles have commercial and operational requirements placed on them that far out-strip their original electrical design. This leads to overloading, excessive charge/discharge (and damage) of batteries and degradation of vehicle reliability and safety.

For 25 years, Merlin Equipment has been designing and manufacturing unique power products that enable the use of large electrical loads on vehicles. From ensuring super-reliable power on front-line ambulances to extended-surveillance capabilities for the Police and low-cost solutions for large yellow light fleets, Merlin has the experience, knowledge and product that allows you to deliver reliable, efficient and safe vehicles on time and on budget.

Civilian Electrical Equipment

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“Power is THE enabler of the modern war fighter… It is almost the most significant limitation”

Merlin are experts in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced battery monitoring and management systems for military vehicles.

In an age of asymmetric warfare, retaining sufficient electrical energy on-board to power essential systems during expeditionary missions is equally as important as having enough fuel to drive. Sudden and unexpected losses of electrical power render vehicles inoperative and leave personnel vulnerable to attack.

Merlin products not only allow you to actively monitor your remaining energy reserves (informing key tactical decisions) but intelligently manage electrical charge and discharge, helping prevent battery damage and improving vehicle reliability and crew safety.

Military Electrical Equipment